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The 13 Best kmart Buys Under $10 for Styling Your Home!

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You have probably noticed Kmart’s surge in popularity over the past few years. No longer a boring, basic department store, it’s now packed full with up to the minute home wares and clothing, at amazing prices. While it can be hard to track down some of their more popular items (some things sell out as soon as they hit the shelves), sometimes you will wander into Kmart and happen to find that latest coved item sitting on the shelf.

These 13 best Kmart buys under $10 are the latest popular items for styling around the home.

1. Marble effect soap dispenser $5

Add a bit of style to your bathroom with the soap dispenser. It’s right on trend, combining marble with copper.

kmart home 1

2. Marble effect pot $10

Who said plant pots have to be boring? This marble plant pot is the perfect way to display flowers or plants.

kmart home 2

3. Hexagon metal trays $9

These metal trays are a great way to store small bits and pieces, like accessories and makeup.

kmart home 3

4. Test tube vase $5

This test tube vase would look great in any house thanks to the black metal finish. It’s a bit different to typical vases, and is a great way to show display one or two flower stems.

kmart home 4

5. Copper finish garden gnome $6

Gardens don’t need to be left out of the current copper trend. Carry the copper theme into the garden with this cute garden gnome.

kmart home 5

6. Copper plated wire fruit bowl $6

This geometric copper fruit bowl in an on trend way to display and store fruit, whether it be on the dining table or in the kitchen.

kmart home 6

7. Marble slice cushion $10

If you love the current marble and pastel trend, you can even carry it through into your cushions. These would look great on a sofa or even a bed.

kmart home 7

8. Moroccan-style porcelain dinner plate $2.50

These dinner plates are an absolute bargain at only $2.50 each, and because they are sold individually you can easily buy enough to make a dinner setting to suit your family size.

kmart home 8

9. Cement base lamp $10

This lamp has an ultra modern feel, with a square cement base. The vintage style light globe (which is sold separately) finishes it off!

kmart home 9

10. Think less live more canvas print $9

Inspirational quotes or phrases on canvases are all the rage right now. This canvas will keep you feeling inspired with it’s 3D writing and pastel colours.

kmart home 10

11. Copper wire storage basket $9

Baskets are a great way to keep belongings organised and clutter under control, but often they don’t look all that appealing. This copper basket will look great no matter where you keep it.

kmart home 11

12. Scented candle with marbled holder $6

This candle holder is a trendy blend of marble and copper, and the sandalwood and cedar candle inside smells great.

kmart home 12

13. Round marble effect corkback placemat $2

These marble effect corkboards are one of the most budget friendly ways to bring the marble look into your home.

kmart home 13

Do you love kmart as much as we do?

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