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Some Advice On Gift Giving For Our Male Counterparts!

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Right, this column is for you blokes who always say they never know what to get their wives and partners for Valentines, Birthdays or Christmas.

If you have kids, it’s easy.  Give her some time ALONE. Some alcohol and maybe a voucher for a massage.  From an actual beauty therapist. Don’t be thinking you can get away with giving her a handwritten voucher for a back massage from yourself (in the hopes it will lead to some ‘special alone time tenderness’).  We’ve got your measure buddy, and we know what a massage from you blokes really entails.

Check your partner’s browser history.  When you get to the online shopping websites, click on the love heart that says ‘wish list’, then move the item/s to the cart and make the purchase.  Have it sent to your mate’s house, or your mums — no one wants to get a parcel in the mail and accidently open it realizing they have ruined the one surprise they probably really REALLY wanted.

If you have bought her a pretty dress (see above suggestion) then take her somewhere she can actually wear it.  If you have kids, organize a sitter.  Book a restaurant. I can’t stress this enough, BOOK THE RESTAURANT and DON’T ASK HER WHERE SHE WANTS TO GO.  I can’t tell you how irritating it is to\ be with a man who wants to take me on out and then asks me where I want to go.  No, it’s not being considerate, it’s just annoying and I want to have all the decisions taken off me for one night.  All of them (except maybe the wine order).  Just a hint, take her somewhere she can wear the dress.  So you know, nowhere there will be booths….

Tickets.  Who is her favorite band/ singer? Are they touring near you this year? If they aren’t, can you afford to fly her to the closest city they are visiting for the weekend? If you decide to go with her, there are some compromises that need to be made.  Like signs.  If she wants to write a sign that says something like “I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT”!! With lots of sparkles and love hearts drawn all over it, you will possibly be expected to hold this sign above your head at the concert for her (and maybe some swaying side to side in time with the music).  Just keep this in mind when making those concert ticket purchases.

Some things not to buy her:




Perfume (unless you are absolutely sure you know what she likes)

Buy a card for your partner, I only learnt this since my marriage to Trent.  Every year he writes me a card (and insists I write him one) I have a few funny memories of Trent sitting at the kitchen table with my Christmas Card, tapping the pen to his chin, looking up the ceiling, sighing a lot, scribbling down something and then panicking and trying to scratch it out.  I would try not to giggle at him, but let me tell you something — I value those cards more than any other gift I have received from him, and at $5.00 a pop, it’s a cheap gift!

And Trent, if you are reading this, that is no excuse not to buy me that red dress I was looking at the other day.  I think they still have my size left (hint hint) CHECK MY BROWSWER HISTORY….

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Jess Steel
Jess Steel
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