June 13, 2016
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July 18, 2016

Licetec V Comb – Review and Giveaway

Licetec V Comb Review and Giveaway - Creators Bakers and Homemakers

I’m going to talk the L word today. A parent’s nightmare LICE!

If there is one pet hate of mine, like many it is lice. One child gets head lice they all get it. (That’s the pattern in our house).

The work involved to rid them from their hair is horrendous, especially when the six children are involved, and then you do your own hair because well the itching starts and you don’t know if it is actual lice or you are scratching with just the thought.

But due to the AMAZING team at Licetec: gone are the days of applying a chemical, and then letting it sit in your child’s hair, combing for hours on end.

Yes, you read write combat head lice without the use of harmful chemicals! And without the hours on end combing. How do I know? Because we got to give one of these AMAZING gadgets a trial for ourselves.

Licetec V Comb Review & Giveaway - The Colourful Housewife

The V Comb incorporates a combing and vacuum function, to effectively eliminate traces of head lice and eggs. And I will say it again, chemical free! (Love that part)

But it does not stop there it is also Allergen free and we found it to operate seamlessly on all hair types without creating a mess.

We tested the V Comb on our three year old (the hardest one of the bunch to get to sit still and have “his hair done”).

No tears, no arguments, and no whines he just sat there. (Intrigued I more so think)

Licetec V Comb Review & Giveaway - The Colourful Housewife

My only concern would there be a pulling to the hair whilst combing/vacuuming. The answer: NO…. Mr 3 sat there for the whole process with no worries!

This user friendly device is perfect. Designed to endure the rigors of frequent treatments and is reusable for multiple treatments – the same V-Comb can be used on more than one child after cleaning.
Results can be seen immediately in the capture filter. This one of a kind electrical device gives you peace of mind that your home will always be head lice free. Simply run the comb through your child’s hair every 2-3 days to ensure they haven’t picked up any live lice.

Licetec V Comb Review & Giveaway - The Colourful Housewife

And thanks to the Licetec Team we have one to giveaway!

Head to the giveaway post on The Colourful Housewife to enter the giveaway!

For more information or to purchase please visit Licetec or check them out on Facebook.


On the Licetec website they also clear some other things up for us:

There are many myths and facts about headlice and we found these answers via their website.

Head-Lice-Myths Myth: Head lice can fly or jump from person to person.

Head-Lice-Facts Fact: Head lice cannot fly or jump. They’re wingless insects which move by crawling through hair.

Head-Lice-Myths Myth: Children are most likely to pass head lice to friends by playing together.

Head-Lice-Facts Fact: Children can only contract head lice via direct head-to-head contact or indirectly through the sharing of personal items, such as combs, bedding, towels and hair accessories that have come in contact with an infestation.

Head-Lice-Myths Myth: Head lice prefer individuals with long/short; clean/dirty; straight/curly; thick/thin; blonde/brown/black/red hair.

Head-Lice-Facts Fact: Head lice do not discriminate on the type of hair, age, gender, hygiene, ethnicity or demographics. As long as your scalp is warm and has a fresh supply of blood, they’ll take up residence on anybody’s head.

Head-Lice-Myths Myth: Spraying the house or your children hair with insecticides/chemicals will get rid of head lice.

Head-Lice-Facts Fact: No only will it NOT get rid of them (Numerous research* has shown that the new strain of head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to chemical based treatments), but it also extremely dangerous to treat your children with any household chemicals that is not intended to treat head lice.

Head-Lice-Myths Myth: Children found with head lice or nits should be sent home from school immediately.

Head-Lice-Facts Fact: The presence of mature head lice is not considered a valid reason to exclude children, but merely a cause for prompt treatment (Be sure to check all other family members for head lice too!).

Head-Lice-Myths Myth: Head lice may live on furniture, bedding or the family pet.

Head-Lice-Facts Fact: Head lice are parasitic by nature and rely solely on warm human blood for their existence. Live head lice rarely fall from the hair so it is uncommon to discover head lice on furniture, bedding or family pets.

Head-Lice-Myths Myth: Expensive chemical-based head lice treatments are the most effective.

Head-Lice-Facts Fact: Chemical insecticides often seem like a quick and easy fix, experts however, recommend trying a much more cost effective, simpler and safer method. Combing is a no-frills method which also reduces the risk of allergic reactions or skin irritation commonly associated with chemical treatments.

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