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How To get The Best Out Of Your Costco Membership

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Costco can be overwhelming for first time members. The stores are huge and sell everything from food to furniture, books, clothing and even petrol. All Costco members pay a $60 yearly membership fee, so it’s worth seeking out ways to get the most out of it. The hard work has been done for you, so read on to find out how to get the best out of a Costco membership.


Know the secret price codes

The prices at Costco tell you a whole lot more than just the price you will pay at the checkout. Understanding exactly what each price means can help you decide whether it’s a bargain worth stocking up on. For example, standard pricing at Costco will end in an .99, while prices ending in an .97 are marked down below their original price wither because they haven’t sold as well as expected or are getting close to their use by date. If the price tag features an asterisk in the upper right hand corner it means that the product will not be re-ordered.


Discover the discounted gift cards

Usually gift cards are purchased at a dollar for dollar value, but not at Costco. There are a range of gift cards and vouchers available depending on you local stores location. Most stores generally sell gift cards for movie vouchers, iTunes and even Build-A-Bear, plus discounted vouchers for local attractions.


Visit stores while on holidays

Not everyone knows this, but your membership doesn’t just give your entry to the store you signed up in, but gives you access to all stores world-wide. These can be great for local food and souvenirs, meals to eat while on holidays rather than eating at restaurants, and petrol, all at a discount of course. Keep an eye out for stores in Canada, the United States, the U.K., Japan and Korea, as well as the several stores around Australia if you are travelling domestically.


Consider business membership

Ordinary Costco membership is $60 per year, but if you have an ABN (no matter what your business is) you qualify for business membership at $55 per year. It’s only a $5 per year saving, but it’s better than nothing.


If you don’t like it, return it

One of the benefits of paying the membership fee is the amazing returns policy. If you don’t like something you have purchased you can return it and get a refund in full, no questions asked. You don’t even need a receipt, as all of your purchased are recorded on your membership card.   The only catch is that you must remain a member, you can’t get a refund once your membership lapses. You can even get a refund on your yearly membership fee if you decide it’s not worth the money.


Know your prices

This is perhaps the biggest piece of advice given to new Costco members. While the prices on most things are great, there are some things that you can still get cheaper elsewhere, including your local supermarket. It’s something that catches most ne members out, they load up their trolleys with anything and everything, only to realise later on that not everything was as big of a bargain as first thought.


Keep an eye out for coupons

Costco release coupons on a regular basis that offer further discounts on selected products, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for these as some of the deals are worth stocking up on. Luckily for us in Australia we don’t need to physically present the coupons at the checkout, the price will automatically reduce.


Fill up the car

While not every Costco store has an attached petrol station, it’s always worth filling up every time you visit the store, even if the tank is still half full. Petrol prices are usually significantly cheaper than anywhere else, so huge savings can be made here, especially if your local Costco is nearby.


Stop for a snack on the way out

Costco stores all feature incredibly cheap food just past the checkout, perfect for a quick snack after shopping up a storm. Deals include a hot dog and bottomless soft drink combo for $1.99, and slices of pizza for $2.99 (which are massive).


Do you have any other tips for using your Costco card? if so share below x

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