We at Creators Bakers & Homemakers along with our contributors love sharing recipes and DIYs with all our readers to hopefully make your life just a little easier. We ask that when using our site for reference that you take care when cooking. We can’t control you cutting your finger or sticking your tongue in egg beaters and getting stuck. We only intend to guide and provide some inspiration for your kitchen and home. When doing DIY with kids, it goes without saying that supervision is needed at all times, especially when there are sharp objects involved or water or anything that requires adult supervision.

Creators Bakers & Homemakers love providing ideas, recipes and techniques for beauty and hair tutorials, that’s what we’re about, but we can’t guarantee that the recipe will work out exactly the same for everyone. For example everyone’s ovens and kitchen appliances are different. Or some people skin and hair react differently to treatments or styles. We ask that you exercise caution prior to doing these treatments. Do a test patch and see how it goes. Or if you know that a particular element of the recipe or treatment will cause issues like an allergic reaction, don’t do it or use it. Use common sense.

We understand that some people have allergies and ask that extreme caution is exercised when cooking, doing crafts with the kids or any form of beauty treatments. Use alternative ingredients or glues for example. We will aim to provide alternatives to suit those who suffer from allergies where we can.

We hope you have great fun when undertaking our recipes, crafts and DIY treatments. They’ve been tried and tested in ours and our contributor’s kitchens. We do recommend, however, that you refer to the user manuals when using your kitchen appliances before deciding upon recipes to undertake and exercise caution and common sense in the kitchen at all times. In the instance that something unfortunate occurs to your kitchen appliance, your property, yourself or members of your household whilst undertaking our recipes, we will not accept responsibility for any damages.

Creators Bakers & Homemakers take pride in all the hard work we and our contributors put in to their recipes, ideas and techniques. We’d love for you to share our content but respectfully request that you do not publish a recipe or post in its entirety without permission. Please post a direct link back to our recipe when sharing on your Face Book page, website or blog etc. Images are not to be reproduced, published or edited in any way without permission from Creators Bakers & Homemakers. If in doubt, just ask. All recipes and images are owned by Creators Bakers & Homemakers unless otherwise stated. They are protected by copyright laws. If you have an issue with an image or article on the site please email: hello@creatorsbakershomemakers.com

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