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January 28, 2016
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February 1, 2016

After 57 Years Barbie Is Getting A Makeover!

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At the age of 57 the iconic doll we know as Barbie is getting a makeover < finally!

The new versions are set to be more realistic and represent the everyday women. Barbies changes will include 3 new body shapes tall, curvy and petite, 7 new skin tones, 24 hairstyles and 22 eye colours.


Images via Mattel Check out the full range of dolls here: Barbie

Images via Mattel Check out the full range of dolls here: Barbie

The dolls have been in the works for the last 2 yrs according to Mattel Inc spokeswoman Michelle Chidoni.

Mattel Inc are hoping that the new dolls will be more relatable to kids after a 4% drop in their last quarter sales.

The new dolls will be available in US stores in March and will roll out globally after that.

There have been some members of the public that are not happy with the names of the dolls, in particular curvy doll. I agree to a point, I don’t know why  they don’t give the dolls names like Janice or Cheryl or any other name for that matter, after all they don’t call barbie big boobs do they?

What do you think of the changes? how do you think kids will react to the new dolls?

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