This recipe is my go to no fail cookie recipe, I can have them baked on the table ready to eat in 20 minutes including cooking time.

I often whip a batch of these up when visitors drop in, warm Nutella cookies with coffee yum!


  • Butter 90 grams
  • Nutella 200 grams
  • Cocoa 1 tablespoon, we used Cadbury.
  • Oats 180 grams
  • hazelnuts 70 grams


  1. Add butter and Nutella to a bowl and microwave on high for 45 seconds, stir and add to mixing bowl.
  2. Add Oats, cocoa and hazelnuts to a food processor and blitz well.
  3. Add oat mix to the bowl and mix through.
  4. Shape mixture into approx 16 balls and pop on tray.
  5. Lightly press them to look like biscuits.
  6. Pop in oven for 10 – 12 minutes.
  7. Eat warm or let cool, they will firm up as they cool.

Tip: For extra chocolate gooiness add 1/2 cup of chocolate chips to the mixture before cooking!

Makes 16

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