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January 20, 2016
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Tantrums At The Grocery Store, And What I Did about It!

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When I was pregnant so many people told me of how my life would never be the same again, how tired I would be, how I would know all the words to the wiggles songs, how I would never have any privacy, that my priorities would change and that on the nights out with my husband — we would find ourselves not talking about ourselves, but about our son. That I would develop a very strong stomach, I would sit down at the end of a day and wonder what I had actually achieved to be so exhausted — look around at my home and realize I had achieved NOTHING. I am here to tell you something.

It’s all TRUE.

We have no real barometer because he is our first kid. We had no idea what’s normal (which I think sometimes is a good thing) we just think he is clever and marvelous and all those things parents feel when they look at their offspring. He does all these cute things like making sure ALL THE LEAVES on the steps are brushed off before he steps on them, every morning he greets the dogs with DOG DOG! And then beds over and hugs them enthusiastically or racing as fast as his chubby little legs will take him to the front deck after hearing the garbage truck pull up and yelling out Hiiii! Hiiii! Ruck! Ruckkk! RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKK! Then oddly, he starts blowing kisses to the driver. Clearly I we have a much closer relationship with our garbage contractors then previously realized.

He’s not always cute though.

We had an incident the other week. Every second Saturday morning Boss and I do our grocery shopping together. This can go either way. This particular week Boss decided he DID NOT want to sit in the trolley seat and wanted to walk along side, which I was fine with so long as he had one hand on the trolley at all times. Of course this didn’t work. Every brightly colored food item was now WTHIN REACH. Excitement central. I now had 4 bags of snakes, 3 lollypops and 6 packets of French onion soup and 2 packets of Doritos in my trolley. So after a few intense discussions with him it was decided the best course of action would be for Boss to get back into the trolley. Boss did not agree. He is not a big tantrum thrower, usually a pretty laid back kid. This particular morning however I was introduced to a new personality trait of my son. He lay down in the middle of isle face down with his arms beside his body, didn’t cry, and didn’t talk, but most importantly DIDN’T MOVE. Just lay there.   Like a plank. I squatted beside him and tried to coax him up, he refused. So while 5 people looked on amused, I tried to pick him up. It was like picking up a large, heavy concrete fence paling. He lay rigid in my arms with a defiant look on his face, still not saying a WORD. I tried to put his feet through those little holes where the seat is, but no, he remained stiff and unyielding. I could feel his fury at me. I was hoping he could feel my exasperation. Not so.

I gave up. I grabbed the few items I desperately needed while carrying my ironing board/son under my arm and left.

1 point Boss

0 points Jessica

Have you ever had to leave the grocery store due to your child acting up? We would love to hear about it in the comments X

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