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Has A Hairdresser Ever Lied To You?

has your hairdresser ever lied to you

I remember the exact day I heard a hairdresser lie for the first time.

I was eleven and was lucky enough to go along with my mum and her best friend to the hairdresser. It was an exciting time for me to be allowed to go and sit in the waiting room of the salon and watch as they discussed their new hair dos with their hairdressers.
I remember the days leading up to mums salon visit the magazines sprawled out on the kitchen table with pictures of what sort of hair style mum was going to have. Mum had been looking forward to this salon visit for such a long time, being a single mum and never spending money on herself I knew she had saved her pennies up for her new look.

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I felt so grown up standing next this stunning hairdresser as she caped mum up ready for her new look. I remember mum pulling out all her pictures of the hairstyles she wanted, all gorgeous glamour models with long flowing soft wavy hair. The hairdresser took one look at the pictures and said “sure we can do that style, we will perm it” (lie number one that day ) I wish I had known what I know now and I could have told mum that the picture of the gorgeous glamour models was with hot tong curls not a perm, that the picture wouldn’t be achievable with perm rollers that in fact that lady in the picture didn’t have a perm that it was all styled with a hairdryer and hot tongs, oh I wish I had known!
The 2 hairdressers set about perming my mum and her friend’s hair. I was excited to see how glamorous my mum and her friend would look to see them transformed at the end into the styles in the pictures that sat perched up on the mirror in front of them.

Fast forward 4 hours and I sit on the couch in the waiting room < feeling very grown up, finally the hairdresser had stopped rinsing mums hair (which seemed like hours) the hairdresser brings mum over to her chair with a towel over her head, I wait in anticipation for the unveiling of mums new locks, not long until my mum would be swooshing her hair around like the gorgeous ladies in the hair commercials.
The moment had come the hairdresser took of the towel of my mums hair, mum and I gasped at the same time followed by mum saying in a raised voice” it’s so tight, the curls are tight, this is not what I wanted!”  I was god smacked mum was right, this wasn’t like the picture, had the hairdresser mistaken the picture for the Greg Brady picture on the opposite side of the magazine clipping, where was my mum?

Mum looked like she was auditioning for a Lionel Richie lookalike competition, I could hear Lionel Richie singing “hello” in the back of my head, it all happened so fast.

Then I heard my second lie from a hair dresser out of those big bright red lips she says those magic words “DON’T WORRY IT WILL DROP!”
What did this mean? What did drop mean? Did it mean mums hair would to fall out, I felt scared for mum, was I going to have a bald mum?  The hairdresser explained that the curl had to be tight to begin with so that it would last and assured mum that it would drop into that perfect Farrah Forcet style that was staring back at her in the picture, what a relief to hear that, all would be good in a week,when this horrid Jackson five perm would drop and mum would walk out one morning looking like the gorgeous glamour model in the picture.
Let me tell you her perm did drop …..IT TOOK 18 MONTHS for it to drop but it did drop!
I don’t know what was harder to see mums face when she saw her perm for the first time that day or hearing her grunt umm and curse every morning in the mirror while she stretched it out with the blow dryer. I wanted to go back to that hairdresser and say you lied to us we want our $32 back.
At that time I did not know I was going to take up hairdressing as a career, I wish I had known. Well fast forward 4 years and I was 15 and starting my hairdressing apprenticeship. I soon learnt that what I witnessed in the salon that day was not uncommon, that lies where a common thing in a salon environment. And don’t get me wrong ive worked in some top salons, I believe this is a universal thing, I am not saying every hairdresser lies don’t get me wrong there are some that have excellent skills and don’t need to.

Have you been lied to by a hairdresser? Here are some of the most common lies a hairdresser can tell!

Lie number one – Don’t worry the colour will fade, someone wanting a golden blonde and ending up with a chocolate brown, well its sort of not a lie cause it will fade it make take 1 year and a lot of sunbathing but it will fade, of course hair fades isn’t that why you get it coloured to begin with?

Lie number two – Your fringe has bounced up short because you have a cow lick  ummm no your fringe has bounce up short because your hairdresser got a bit scissor happy and didn’t allow for your eyebrow expressions when she cut it < tip with fringes don’t talk about shocking topics while getting one cut you tend to raise your eyebrows more and the hairdresser will use that as a guide.

Lie number three – supermarket shampoos are bad for your hair, ok maybe in some instances if you are going to buy a highly detergent based one and you have blonde dry hair it may not work for you, but a lot of big brands eg toni and guy john Freda all sell in supermarkets and even Redken has been spotted in supermarkets/chemists of recent.

Lie number four – your perm is frizzy because of something you did to it at home umm no your hair is frizzy because the solution wasn’t rinsed out properly and when they applied neutralizer it reacted with the solution heated up and fried your hair lol

Lie number five – oh you didn’t want that much cut off your hair, oh but I had to your hair was dead  (all hair is dead lol)

Lie number six – your hair needs a treatment, of course all hair needs a treatment, but what sort of treatment does your hair need, protein moisture, keratin? Don’t pay for this service if your hairdresser doesn’t know what treatment to use. (I have seen hairdressers use a hand full of conditioner and call it a treatment)

Lie number 7 – The biggest lie of them all  comes at checkout! When a hairdresser tells you they charged more because they did more than last time, even though you know you had the same thing. I don’t think this is intention in all cases just a lot of hairdressers don’t keep payment records then charge what they feel on the day, it makes it hard for the client who paid $100 last time and then is hit with $170 next time.

 Have you been lied to by a hairdresser before? Share your story in the comments below X

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