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February 10, 2016
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13 Low Carb Desserts That Will Curb Any Sweet Craving!

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Sticking to low carb options doesn’t have to mean going without desserts. These 14 low carb desserts are the perfects treats, with many also being sugar free. Who knew desserts could be so healthy?

1.Chocolate avocado cookies from Bargain Mums

These indulgent flourless chocolate cookies are low carb, and thanks to the avocado are kind of healthy too.

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 2. Low carb zucchini brownies from Café Delites

Combining chocolate and zucchinis might sound strange, but it works! These brownies are low carb, and the bonus is they are a great way to hide veggies from the kids.

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 3. Low carb chocolate lasagna from Low Carb Maven

This chocolate lasagna is perfect for special occasions. It’s low carb, as well as gluten free and sugar free, and is way easier to make than it looks.

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 4. Low carb chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars from All Day I Dream About Food

This recipe combines two delicious desserts into one; chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake. While that might sounds like a very indulgent dessert, these are a healthier low carb and grain free version.

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5. Sugar free lemon coconut pound cake from Sugar Free Mom

Eating a slice of cake doesn’t have to mean loading up on carbs. This lemon coconut cake is completely grain free, gluten free, sugar free and of course low carb.

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 6. Low carb lemon cheesecake bars from Simply Taralynn

Who doesn’t love lemon cheesecake? These cheesecake bars use almond flour rather than regular flour in the crust, and contains no added sugar.

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 7. Homemade strawberry whips from Health Starts in the Kitchen

These strawberry whips are made using only 5 healthy, real ingredients. They look so pretty served in little jars, making the perfect light dessert to finish of a dinner party.

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 8. Coconut and avocado grasshopper bars from Whole New Mom

These grasshopper bars are a great way to hide veggies from unsuspecting people; they contain 2 avocados but no one will even know they are there. These are the perfect no bake dessert for those times you need something a little healthy, but still sweet.

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9. Lemon cream tarts from Ricki Heller

These sweet little tangy lemon tarts are vegan, dairy free, egg free, grain free and sugar free.

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 10. Low carb tiger butter from All Day I Dream About Food

If you haven’t heard of tiger butter before now, it’s a treat with the flavours of white chocolate, dark chocolate and peanut butter, all mixed together. This healthier version is lo carb and contains no sugar.

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 11. Coconut cream layered dream from Low Carb Maven

This creamy dessert is made up of 5 delicious layers. It starts with an almond-coconut crust, then cream cheese, coconut cream, whipped topping and finally shredded or flakes coconut.

desserts 13

 12. Healthy cookie dough brownies from Foodie Fiasco

These start with a layer of chocolate brownie, are topped with a layer of cookie dough and drizzled with a little extra chocolate on top, because you can never have too much chocolate!

low carb dessert 15

 13. Cream cheese cookies from Low Carb Yum

These low carb cookies are so versatile, perfect for Christmas celebrations or a treat just because.

low carb dessert 16

Do you have any low carb recipes you would like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • I’m honored to see two of my recipes included in this stellar list of low carb desserts from some of the best low carb bloggers on the internet. Thanks so much!

    • Thank you Kim for creating such great recipes, We cant wait to see what you do next! We only post the best 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Jo x